Creating a tileable Normal Map

Creating a Normal Map for a seamless brick wall texture is as easy as creating the Bump Map. In realtime rendering environments such as game engines these textures are very common for relief shaders of all kind. This sample file shows how you can create perfectly seamless Normal Maps for a brick texture. The same way it works for brick textures, it works for roof tiles, floor tiles, parquet or wood boards as shown with wood texture sample.


A simple brick texture generated with Bricks'n'Tiles

Note: Step 1 to 3 are the same as in the Bump Map example

Step 1

Download the file redbricks_bump.bricks

Step 2

Open the file with Bricks'n'Tiles

Step 3

Press the Update Button in the right panel

Step 4

In the Edit Menu, use Edit Image to open the integrated image editor

Step 5

In the Texture Filter Menu of the image editor, click Convert Height Map to Normal Map

Step 6

Press the OK Button in the Texture Filter Dialog

Step 7

In the File Menu of the image editor, use Save as to save the texture to a file


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