Creating a bump map for the brick texture

Follow these easy steps to create a Bump Map for this brick texture. After saving the Bump Map to a file you can use it in your 3d program by assigning it to a material's bump channel. As the brick wall texture itself, this map is full tileable in horizontal and vertical direction. As Bricks'n'Tiles supports a wide range of architectural surface textures, you can also create Bump Maps for floor or roof textures as shown in the wood texture example. If your shader or 3d engine requires Normal Maps instead, you should have a look at the Normal Map sample.

A simple brick texture generated with Bricks'n'Tiles

Step 1

Download the file redbricks_bump.bricks

Step 2

Open the file with Bricks'n'Tiles

Step 3

Press the Update Button in the right panel

Step 4

In the File Menu, use Export Image to save the texture to a file


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