To get started with Bricks'n'Tiles first download the free version here. Download the sample files below, open them and press the "Update" button to get a first impression of how the seamless brick textures are created. If you are unfamiliar with procedural texture generation you can find some easy introduction tutorials at the bottom of the page.

A tileable brick wall texture with Bump Map

Brick texture sample files

These three sample files show how to create a seamless brick wall texture from a photo, including a matching bump map or normal map:

Creating a simple brick texture

Creating a Bump Map

Creating a Normal Map


A high-resolution seamless wooden floorboard texture

Wood texture sample files

This sample file shows the abilities of Bricks'n'Tiles to create other architectural textures for wall, roof and floor materials. This high resolution wooden floorboard texture is very realistic when seen from the distance as well as seen at close range.

Creating a seamless floor texture


How to create sandstone masonry wall texture

Getting started tutorial

A new easy-to-understand overview of the most important features of Bricks'n'Tiles by creating a simple sandstone wall texture. You can reproduce the steps by downloading either the project file or the original sandstone and mortar texture.

If you have any questions about this tutorial post your comments here!

Read Tutorial (PDF - 724 KB)


Texturing a 3d model of a mediaval tower with a seamless texture and bump map

Step-by-step introduction tutorial

Creating a seamless brick texture from a photo and texturing a model of a round medieval tower. This tutorial also introduces the features to create a fitting Bump Map for the bricks.

If you have any questions about this tutorial post your comments here!

Read Tutorial (PDF - 1 MB)

Note that you can also find a full documention of Bricks'n'Tiles in the Download section.

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