3d model of a medieval tower using a generated brick texture


Creates brick textures from virtually any source image using advanced image synthesis

Textures are perfectly seamless in horizontal and vertical direction without any post-editing

Different built-in brick pattern generators for regular and irregular brick pattern

Fractal variation algorithms designed to create more natural brick distribution

Support for fitting Bump Map and Specular Map combinations

Import and Export of many common file formats (bmp, jpeg, png, tif, gif ...)

Supports some special texture types for texturing brick borders, arches, vaults or columns

New version 1.5.3 supports generation of highly detailed brick surface Normal Maps

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Creating seamless brick textures from a photo

How it works

With Bricks'n'Tiles you can create a photorealistic texture from a photo of a brick wall in a few simple steps. It's a real timesaver if you have to create seamless textures for architectural models or game content.

Instead of composing them completely by hand you can now let Bricks'n'Tiles make perfectly tiling textures for you and give them your personal finish in PhotoShop. Learn more about how to create a perfectly seamless texture!

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