Bricks'n'Tiles is designed to create photorealistic textures for high quality 3d content by using advanced texture synthesis algorithms. If you have a picture of a brick wall you can now make your own perfectly seamless brick wall texture in a couple of minutes. Click here to see all features!

Download the free version without limitations and with all features available for evaluation purposes and non-commercial usage, for commercial use please purchase the Commercial Version or send a donation to help developing Bricks'n'Tiles!


Bricks'n'Tiles - Easy creation of seamless architectural textures





Windows Installer 1.5.3 setup.exe
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Installation Package* 1.5.3
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* The package contains the installer with some sample files and tutorials
Software certificate User Manual usermanual.pdf
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Step by step introduction tutorial tutorial1.pdf
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Getting started tutorial tutorial2.pdf
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License license.txt
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If Bricks'n'Tiles is not running on Windows 7 or above, try using the Windows Compatibility Mode.


If you have troubles installing Bricks'n'Tiles read the Frequently Asked Questions or post a message into the Support Forum.


If you have any questions please leave a note in the Support Forum!

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